Font End Design

Our professional front end web designer create unique design with responsive layout and after client approval design will be implement to client ecommerce portal.

Home Page Customization

  •  Top Menu Implementation with submenu support
  •  Copyrights Footer module Implementation
  •  Footer Menu Implementation
  •  Left / Right side Custom text module
  •  Quick Contact Info module
  •  Inner Page Design and Customization, the layout will be differ from the Home Page
  •  Converting the uniquely designed graphics design into CMS layout.
  •  Configuring the CMS module Positions & layouts
  •  Menu layout and position creation as per graphics design

Front End – Search

  •  Basic and Advance search option
  •  Search result page with listing all matched entries with navigation
  •  After select any one of the list, goes to the Entry detailed page
  •  Option for select the entries from Alphabet
  •  User Management User Registration Process
  •  User Registration with specific fields like Username, Name, Email, Password,
  •  Account activation using email verification code to avoid the junk registration
  •  Login Module for user login from the front end
  •  Recovery Password Option

Orders and Reports

  •  Admin can View all the Orders list
  •  Admin can Edit / Delete Orders from the list
  •  Admin can manage the orders of the user.t
  •  Admin can accept/reject the order.
  •  Order can filter by Payment Status and Order Number
  •  Admin can view the reports
  •  Admin can filter the reports for Date Range, Monthly, Weekly, Daily
  •  User, Coupons, Discounts And Others
  •  Admin can View all the Users and User Groups
  •  Admin can Edit / Delete the users data
  •  Admin can create a Coupon code for Discount
  • Admin can give the rewarding system to users
  • Admin can add any number of countries
  • Admin can add any number of Currencies
  • Based on the coupon code user will get discount

Shopping Cart & Checkout

  •  User can click the buy now button, it will added in their cart
  • Again giving option for continue shopping or go to check out
  • Check out page process, showing the cart item list
  • User can update / delete the Items from the shopping cart
  • Shipping methods select page
  • Billing information collect page
  • Payment Method select page
  • Order confirmation page
  • Order email confirmation email will go to Admin and User
  • Shopping Cart with product images and editable quantities
  • Estimated shipping cost and tax before check-out
  • Express check out with minimum contact details and auto generated password
  • Email opt-in during checkout
  • Automated abandoned cart recovery
  • Custom Message during Checkout for Delivery Instructions

Shipping Management

  •  API integration
  • Wallet
  • Customer Wallet would be attached within the site where refunds /cancellations could be deposited
  • Inventory Management
  • Admin can add/edit/delete the inventory
  • Admin can set the inventory alerts
  • Once the inventory reaches the limit admin will receive the alerts

Content Pages

  •  Adding content pages with proper alignment
  • One or more images included in the page
  • A content page includes company profile, about us, Service details, vision-mission, History about company and Privacy policy etc.
  • Slide Show – Admin Functionality
  • Admin can able to add images to the banner slide show
  • Admin can able to view/edit the images in the banner slide show
  • Admin can able to delete the images in the banner slide show

User Profile

  •  After login user can view their profile page
  •  My accounts
  •  My orders
  •  My wish list
  •  User can edit the profile details
  •  User can write comments on any Products
  •  There is an option of giving ratings for the products (5 star rating)